The Benefits of Using a Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier

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Baby carriers are becoming increasingly popular with new parents who want to be able to carry their baby easily and comfortably, leaving both hands free. Using a baby carrier is also a great way to bond with your little one, as they are closer to you than when they are in a pram making it easier for you read their expressions, communicate with them, and meet their needs.

What is a Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier? 

First of all, before exploring the benefits of a stretchy wrap baby carrier, it’s important to know what this type of carrier is, especially because many new mums can feel nervous about using a wrap over a more conventional structured baby carrier. 

Essentially, a stretchy wrap is a long piece of material, usually around 5 metres long. The wraps themselves tend to be a mix of a soft material and an elastic material. Most commonly, this is usually cotton or bamboo with elastane or spandex. 

The elastic part of the wrap is usually only around 5%, as the ‘stretchy’ part of your wrap generally comes from how the wrap is woven or manufactured, rather than the fibres in the material. 

The Benefits of a Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier 

A stretchy wrap baby carrier has many benefits including:

  • A close sense of bonding, as the baby gets to be close to the wearer. This can be particularly important for dads and grandparents looking to build an even closer relationship with the baby. 
  • Being held in an upright position is brilliant for your baby’s digestive system. The gentle movement your baby gets from you moving while in the wrap can even help trapped wind to be relieved. This constant motion and the sound of your heartbeat also soothes your baby by reminding them of being in the womb.
  • Both you and your baby will feel comfort from using a wrap style carrier. For the wearer, you can carry your baby for much longer periods of time without the strain on your arms.
  • Carrying your baby is very convenient, you can access places that might be tricky with a pram, and you still have both hands free.

As well as having the same benefits as other types of slings and baby carriers, there are even more benefits for parents using a stretchy wrap baby carrier. Which is why stretchy wraps are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are just some of the other benefits your baby and you will experience: 

  • Because your stretchy wrap is made from a long piece of material, you can really mould the material around your body and your baby. This allows your baby to experience a sensation that is similar to being in your womb, making your baby feel safe and content. 
  • Since wearing you baby in a wrap reminds them of being in the womb, newborn babies will particularly love a stretchy baby wrap and will often fall asleep straight away. 
  • Stretchy wraps fold up small and one can easily be kept in the boot of your car or in the basket of your pram for when you need it.

It’s not just your baby that will love your stretchy wrap baby carrier, though. These carriers also have a host of benefits for parents and carers too: 

  • Unlike your baby’s clothes (which they seem to outgrow every few weeks!) the long material of your stretch wrap means it should last until they are around 18 months old. 
  • Your baby’s weight has an even distribution across your back and shoulders. This means both you and the baby will feel incredibly comfortable while wearing your wrap. 
  • Stretchy wraps are often cheaper than more structured, buckled carriers.

 Overall, a stretchy wrap might feel like a scary prospect at first, but the benefits speak for themselves. There are numerous tutorials on youtube from fellow mums who can show you how to use your stretchy wrap. Plus, just like tying your shoelaces, once you’ve picked it up, you’ll never forget!